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Did you know this about Finnish Easter?

Even though Christian Easter is celebrated rather late this year (third weekend of April), it has arrived much quicker than I expected. Yesterday I put up all the decorations at the house and wanted to share a few decorated eggs with you all.

In Finland we have the tradition of emptying raw eggs through a tiny hole and coloring the shells with watercolors or silk fabrics that, soked in water and vinergar, print their beautiful colors on the eggs (as you can see on the video with Martha Stewart). We then hang them up on willow branches as decorations. You can also use raw eggs that you boil while coloring and then eat (if you use food coloring).

An alternative is to use the Finnish Mignon chocolate eggs that are covered with a white shelf. Those you can naturally not boil, but color with crayons, pens or watercolors. They are rather delicious and really great to use while setting up the Easter table.

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