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In May 2014 I started as the official graphic designer of L'Iguana editrice of Verona. Since then I have layed out numerous print books and one e-book and have created many other design items such as bookmarks, posters and flyers.

I illustratrated LIguana's Christmas book Cattivissimo Natale (December 2014) and continue to design cover images for their books as well. 

"Since 2014 Hanna Suni edits and coordinates the entire graphic aspect of all the books I publish: from cover images to illustrations, from page layout to managing the contacts with printing houses and to desining promotional materials for books and presentations.

Her precious contribution to the growth of my publishing house consists in her humble, yet knowledgeable approach, her unerring eye for detail, her precision and rigor in delivery, but also in being able to anticipate my needs by offering new ideas and elements time after time. She provides her technical expertise with generosity and discretion.”


Chiara Turozzi, L'Iguana editrice

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