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Hanna spring 2019.jpg

knows 6 languages

visited 37 countries

loves 3 men and 1 cat

completed 17 years of schooling

has sung with 8 choirs

I am a Finnish graphic designer based in Rome with a passion for art - design, graphics, music, cinema, photography and architecture. With my simple and practical creations I strive to bring art, beauty and functionality to the lives, offices and homes of the my clients and friends. I founded my own graphic design company in 2011 and have had the pleasure to work both with small, local customers as well as bigger, international companies. I have put my company on hold for now as I am currently founding partner in a small, feminist publishing house, le plurali editrice, founded in March 2021. Together with Beatrice Gnassi, Clara Stella and Valentina Torrini, we publish women's fiction and non-fiction writing. Our aim is to promote the enormous talent that women have, both in the literary field as well as in other fields.  

From May 2014 until December 2020 I was Art Director at L'Iguana editrice. I created the cover art and page layout for dozens and dozens of books and was in charge of the graphic identity of the feminist publishing house. I also translated a Finnish poetry book, Rakasta minut vahvaksi by Aino Suhola in italian, Amami per rendermi forte for L'Iguana. In March 2019 we published Feminist you - Guida galattica per femministe in erba that I illustrated. Together with the founder and owner of L'Iguana, Chiara Turozzi, we also managed a blog, Feminist you for a year and a half. 

From July 2019 until December 2020 I was also in the team of an international lifestyle magazine, CrunchyTales, both as illustrator/designer as well as editor-at-large. CrunchyTales, founded by Michela Di Carlo and Stefania Tomasich, aims to empower women who don’t let age define them, who are over 40 and who want to be seen, heard, and celebrated.

Between 2013-2019 I was the Newsletter Editor of the monthly online magazine The People We Are of The Professional Women's Association of Rome. I was also part of the PWA Board and in June 2016 and 2017 I was elected Woman of the Year for two consecutive years. I also held the role of Marketing Consultant and enjoyed working with the international group of women immensely.

In the portfolio section of my website you can find examples of my work; I am happy to provide more samples if needed.

I have a M.Sc in Econonomics from the Helsinki School of Economics (now Aalto University) and did a year-long specialization program in Communication and Marketing in Milan (Publitalia '80).

On my free time I swim, do pilates and go to the gym, read books and magazines, knit, take photos and play the piano in a band. I love to explore the world with my husband, two, awesome sons Matteo and Alessio and our cats, Bagheera and Giulio. My motto is Enthusiasm moves the world and I firmly believe that with passion and joy we can truly move mountains. 


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