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Project Prosperity is a company of Paola Devescovi, Italian enterpreneur, writer and coach. She is an expert in Personal Branding, Social Media, Video Marketing and communication and offers seminars and coaching services on the above mentioned themes for professionals and small enterpreneurs who want to develop their potential and integrate their passions into their professional and personal lives.

"Hanna is not only a very talented graphic designer. She is reliable, trustworthy, always on time - or rather always ahead of time, very creative and precise at the same time.
We have been working together on projects that were very different in nature and she has always been able to suggest the right solutions for the
specific needs of each individual brand. Hanna is not only able to produce results. She is also a very good listener and very open-minded which helps to see things under different prospective. Working with her is not only a pleasure, it's a stimulating professional and personal experience.


Paola Devescovi

Project Prosperity

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