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PWA (Professional Women's Association) 

Since September 2013 I am the Newsletter Editor for the Professional Women's Association of Rome doing the layout and creating and coordinating the contents for this monthly magazine. 

I also design all their graphical products including business cards, event posters, brochures and flyers.  

“I met Hanna Suni a year and a half ago via PWA-Professional Women’s Association. Firstly as editor of the PWA Newsletter, then as collaborator with Slow Food Viterbo, I’ve had reason to appreciate her efficiency, reliability, sensitivity and artistic flair in the preparation of important communications and publicity material on behalf of these organizations, always ahead of deadlines. On a personal professional note, I’ve had the opportunity of using her services to design my own brand image to great effectiveness, where her intuition of my needs in terms of identity and purpose, coupled with her ability to deliver high quality work are exceptional. I thoroughly recommend Hanna to professionals seeking that particular touch of a person such a pleasure to work with.”


Valerie Baxter, Special Projects Director, PWA

Owner of FullSTEAMahead

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