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Monica is a farmacist who shares her expertise with her friends and clients via her blog, Chiedi alla Dottoressa. She organizes educational events and conferences on the various themes connected to health and well-being, tailored especially for women. I was very happy to help Monica out when she started the blog and to produce promotional materials for her events. 

Monica also manages a brighfully colored holiday house, Rainbow House, right in the center of Rome. I planned the decorations and furniture for the apartment and also did the logo and other publicity materials for this jewel of a place.

"I would recommend Hanna to anyone who wants to renew their brand, external communication or the interior design of an office or home, through small or big changes in the furniture or, more simply, in the colors and the objects. Hanna has great skills and with her "magic touch" brings new ideas and to you. The graphic materials she produces are original and will allow you to make a difference.I am enthusiastic about the contribution that Hanna, with her talent, has given to my activities."


Monica Sorcetti, Chiedialladottoressa

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