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Logo for PWA IWD celebration

This week I had the honor to design the logo for the International Women's Day event of The Professional Women's Association of Rome. Festa della donna Rainbox Day will feature award-winning chef Gaetano Costa. He will host the PWA members and guests at the Ritz Hotel in Rome for a Rainbow lunch based on healthy, colorful vegetables and fruits. He will also give a lecture on this fashionable and life-saving diet invented by Chris Woollams.

The Rainbow Diet is rich in colourful fruits and vegetables; nuts, seeds and extra virgin olive oil. Fish is eaten two or three times a week but red meat and cows' dairy rarely if ever. Refined carbs and added glucose are not part of this diet. However, a modest regular red wine consumption helps. Research is quite clear - people who adhere most closely to the diet are chronic illness-free and live longer!

The Mediterranean Diet is a diet of colour and vibrancy. It is primarily...

  • Low sugar/refined sugar consumption, moderate whole carb consumption

  • High fat, especially good fat (olive oil, nuts and seeds) consumption

  • High consumption of a rainbow of colourful vegetables

  • Moderate wine consumption

  • Moderate consumption of meat, but reasonable consumption of chicken and game; good levels of fish consumption

  • Low to nil consumption of red meat and cows' dairy

  • Fresh food preparation

  • High vitamin D levels - outdoor and sunshine lifestyle

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