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One of the strongest and most thought- and reaction-provoking social media campaigns in 2017 was #MeToo. Thousands of women around the world joined the movement and boldly told about their personal experiences of sexual harrassment. Many of them had been forced by men to do certain types of services in order to advance in the career or, worse yet, to stay in the position they were holding. Thanks to the numerous revelations by these women, many of the men in question were finally held accountable after years of oppression and silence. And thanks to the solidarity between women, so many of us now feel safer and stronger.

Raccontami tu, written by Maristella Lippolis and published by L'Iguana in October 2017 is the story of three women, Dina, Alice and each of them running away from an oppressing situation they cannot handle anymore. By chance they enter each others' lives and help one another escape from the daily hell they are living in. They talk, listen, support and embrace each other as vulnerable and fragile as they are. And together they find the strength to free themselves.

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