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What is the top of cultural intelligence?

Last May I was asked to create a brand for a consulting service in the field of Cultural Intelligence. In the briefing session I did not receive any indication or preference for the name, but was asked to invent everything from scratch.

I went online to study some background information and found an article on the Harvard Business Review that presented a classification of people with different cultural intelligence abilities. The highest level was named chameleon for chameleon is an animal that adapts perfectly to its environment. That is why I chose Chameleon as the name of the service to be launched.

The founders of Chameleon:

  • Luisa La Via, CQ certified Trainer, Coach, HR Professional

  • Michela Lazzè, CELTA certified English Language Teacher, Entrepreneur, PR Professional

  • Olga Plyaskina, CQ certified Trainer, Instructional Designer

The services they offer:

  • Administering and interpreting the only official CQ validated across 64 cultures

  • Tailor-made programs

  • F2F and virtual sessions

  • Post-training support and progress tracking

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