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September Issue of The People We Are

She believed that she could so she did. I came across this simple phrase in cyberspace last week and it hit me like a train - or rather, a spaceship. It reminded me of the fact that we − regardless of gender, race, religion or other factor that might make us seem different or less adequate − can do and achieve anything we want, if only we have faith in ourselves and our skills. The fact the phrase talks about her is crucial and I believe it was written for a purpose. Often we women are too humble and modest, we do not believe in ourselves, our capabilities and talents. We step aside, leave the battle field − or worse yet, do not even enter − and tend to belittle ourselves and other women, rather than praise, encourage and empower. The truth is, though, there are women Presidents of nations, Prime Ministers and Chancellors, CEOs of important corporations, athletes, scientists, priests and astronauts. No physical restraint holds us back, but rather our brains, muscles and talents, if cultivated and encouraged, can reach the same results, or at times even better results, than our male companions can. The key to success is to BELIEVE and carry on full speed. PWA is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an outstanding theme − INCLUSION. We will look at the topic from different angles and talk about the inclusion of women, immigrants, disabled people, individuals coming from a different religious or political background and people with all types of sexual orientations. This month we are looking at gender inclusion and our guest speaker, Corrado Sterpetti, will talk about how women themselves can promote their inclusion at the workplace. I am curious to hear what he has to say, but I am fairly sure about one thing: It all starts by believing in ourselves.

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