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My third child just turned 5!

my desk since 5 years

Exactly 5 years ago today I registered my graphic design company, HAMEDesign. Oblivious of all the duties, hardships and responsibilities, excited and pumped by the thought of being able to create, design, dream and fly on my own wings, I started an adventure that has taken me on so many highs - and some lows as well.

In the beginning, there were some days in which I wished I could have just driven to an office where a group of co-workers would welcome me with a warm cup of coffee and a boss would give me a task to complete, without me having to search for clients, projects and inspiration. Those days I felt lonely, forgotten, insignificant and lost. But soon I found networks and communities in which to thrive, learn and grow, like PWA (Professional Women's Association of Rome), WIN (Women's International Networking), Circolo dei Lettori di Poesia di Morlupo, Fenice Operosa and L'Iguana editrice. I have also had the fortune to learn from great mentors and coaches who very generously and openly have shared their wisdom with me.

Instead my high, exciting days have given me such an energy it is impossible to describe. Days in which I read a cool article about a new brand, an adventurous company, a mind-blowing person and her quest, and immediately started imagining how I could apply it all to my life or design a logo for them. Days in which I got to meet and interview inspiring people and write articles about their experiences, conquests and victories. Days in which I participated at refreshing conferences and surprising workshops and came home with my head bursting of wonderful, bold ideas. Nights when I woke up at 3 am and had to get up to write or design the wonderous, breathtaking ideas I got while sleeping.

Just like my other two children, Matteo (9) and Alessio (7), my company (5) has made my love and passion stronger, my working days shorter (they do really fly by) and my bankroll smaller (compared to a fixed salary that used to automatically drop on my bank account every 27th of the month). But it has definitely made our home happier and the my future worth living for. I feel stronger, happier and more fulfilled than I ever felt before.

I now know that having this baby, starting my own company, was the right and only decision I could have taken five years ago and I am thankful for the guidance, support and advice of all of my family and friends. I love what I do and I feel confident that I actually make a difference in people's lives. I am thrilled to be able to contribute to good causes by sponsoring initiatives - Morlupo Città della Poesia and Fenice Operosa, just to name a few - created by my talented and courageous friends. And every day I thank the Lord for this opportunity and the gift of appreciating it to the fullest.




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