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Hello December

Do you have the same perception as I do? To me, lately, it seems like weeks and months, even years, fly by in a flash, where as sometimes - especially when doing abs or plank at the gym - seconds and minutes go by soooo slowly, it is not funny.

Here we are, ready to inaugurate another new month, December. It is - surprise, surprise - one of my favorites, since I am truly a winter person. I enjoy the advent time with the four candles being lit each Sunday as a reminder of the fact that the birth of Jesus is near. I love the perfumes of glögi - mulled wine - cinnamon and other spices, clementines, pine trees and candles that fill the air. I cherish Christmas carols, both listening to them as well as singing or playing them on the piano. This year my older son is tuning in the guitar as well. I dig the excitement of the advent calendar - I always get the one where I can insert the surprises for my kids and hide them around the house in the evening for them to find. I love the fact that at Christmas time we all become a bit nicer, kinder, more tender and giving than usual. And I love preparing and thinking of gifts, personalized ones, for each dear person. I feel like we are so lucky to live in this hemisphere of the world where the darkest period of the year coincides with the feast of light.

So, if you are a Christmas-person like me, have a happy month of preparatives. To the others, see you in January!!!

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