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Dive into my fabulous year of design

I am such a lucky duck. And graphic designer. I'm wrapping up another fabulous year of exciting projects that have allowed me to develop my skills, do well by doing good - my ultimate quest - and explore my creative horizons. It has been challenging, rewarding and fun.

I've continued to work with Chiara and L'Iguana editrice ; this year we published four books and participated at numerous presentations and events including Bookcity in Milan. I also did a few books - print and ebooks - for private clients. I've illustrated my very first children's book - Josh and the Magic Hat - and am very excited about it.

I've created logos for associations and private clients and loved the challenge of building an identity for these strong brands. This year again I put together all of the visual communication for Morlupo Città della Poesia and it's second edition. It is a priviledge to help promote a local, cultural project with such class.

I've created invitations, made layouts for business cards, done several illustrations, built social media campaigns and put together product catalogs. And I am grateful for each and every assignment my clients trusted me with.

Even if my revenues did not grow much compared to the previous year, I feel that I've gained so much through each and every project I've taken part in, it is definitely not measurable in money. Respect, cooperation, solidarity, creativity, self-expression - these are some of the values that are important to me and that I'll promote forever.

I can't wait for 2017 to roll in and bring along cool, challenging projects. Happy holidays to everyone!

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