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New logo for a Finnish daycare home

A cow and some red, yellow and green. Those were the indications I had when, last week, I got the great opportunity to design a new logo and business cards for a Finnish daycare place in Joensuu. So I got to work and designed the cow as the very first thing. Her name is Hilma and she is a typical Finnish milk cow, friendly and smiley. Hanna Alsio, the owner of the daycare place, loved Hilma when she saw her!

Then I got to the business cards. We chose the green color from the logo for the main color of the text and graphics and ended up with a stylish, yet fun layout for the cards. They are being printed as we speak and I can't wait to see them live when they arrive in Joensuu!!!

If you need business cards and want them easily, quickly and efficiently, contact me now!

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