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The WIN magic that completely dazzles you

I promised you all I would write about my WIN experience and all I can say is, every year it gets better. The more I into the WIN spirit, the more I know how to prepare, connect, enjoy and grow. This year - again - I met several new fun, interesting and inspiring people. Like "Fearless" Eduardo Placer from NY (Cuban origin), Bianca Kux from Zurich (German), Janelle Sasaki from California (Japanese), Ester Banque based in Germany (Spanish), Anna Koj from Poland living in Brussels, Heidi Gutekunst from Finland working all over the world and Dana Rogers who lives in Milan but is American. Just to name a handful. As you can see, the pattern is very international, everyone is living and working in a new country and therefore has had to move, adapt, learn and re-learn.

I worked with Suhani, Maritza, Ramune, Theresa, Wendy, Sile and the Norwegian AV-team (Joakin, Tage and Knut) and was responsible for the total mix of AV: lights, sound, video, presentations and music. It was something I'd never done before, but loved learning to do. And as a team we all did a fabulous job as did the rest of the WIN team in so many other areas of planning, preparation and execution.

During the conference I followed all the plenary sessions and learned so much about life, emotions, connections, love and hope. I visited the Nobel Peace Center - that I found immensely inspirational - and the City Hall of Oslo where major Marianne Borgen hosted us for an aperitif. She invites groups from all over the world almost every day and was delightfully personable and humble. I did awakening sessions with yoga teachers and danced the Goddess Dance with Kaothar Darmouni from Tunisia (based in Holland). I had delicious meals while networking with great people. Food for the body and the spirit and soul. A mind-blowing experience that I would not have missed for the world.

WIN founder Kristin Engvig has created a truly unique and extraordinary conference that gives us participants so much it is not measurable in any currency. It is so uplifting to hear message of hope, achievements and joy in this epoch where so often we only see distruction, hatred and bitterness. I wish every woman - and man - in the world had the opportunity to participate and experience what the WIN magic is all about. The world would definitely become a better place and we would leave a brigther legacy to our children and the generations to come.

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