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Did you know I've started off on a new, exciting adventure?

What could be more exciting than start off on a new adventure with a team of professional, enthusiastic people? on a quest to Inspire change in life? I say nothing! I strongly believe in destiny and it so happened, that on Thursday, September 14th I was reading comments on the Finnish Female Entrepreneur- page about how to keep healthy now that the autumn-flu-atchiuuu-season has started. I've always been a strong and healthy person and have had the real FLU only once in my life. I don't have fevers, stomach problems or take antibiotics, but I see lots of people around me that do. Starting from my extended family, going to my other relatives, colleagues and friends, every week someone is "offline" with a runny nose, aching bones and a sore throat. So when I saw Heidi Ekholm-Talas - my current super-SPONSOR (!!!) - talk about the Balance Oil, I immediately got super-interested. I asked her for more information, we scheduled a skype-meeting for the day after and by Monday I was registered as Independent Partner at Zinzino (!).

Since then it's been a speed-train forward. I've done training, watched videos, read brochures and met with my upline on skype and other online platforms. I've registered my first 6 (!) clients - meeting the Z4F requirements - and am searching for partners to open the Italian market with me.

Zinzino is present in dozens of countries throughout Europe and America and has improved the lives of more than 200.000 people with BalanceOil. Would you like to know more about this fabulous, natural, life-changing product (presented in the above pictures)? Contact me for me details - both if you're interested in BalanceOil or if you'd like to become a partner. It is a great opportunity to work in a thriving, established company, in a team of professional and enthusiastic people, yet at your own pace, when and where you want.

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