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Celebrating Rooman Suomi-Seura's 30th and Finland's 100th anniversary

Did you know that Finland is celebrating its 100th anniversary of independence this year? And the Finnish Association of Rome (Rooman Suomi-Seura) its 30th anniversary. It was a great honor and pleasure to be chosen as the graphic designer to do the materials for the above mentioned celebrations.

Suomi-Seura hosted members from all over Italy for a 3-day even in Rome last weekend. I laid out the printed program as well as the booklet that presents the history of the Association. It was great to collaborate with Satu, Jenni, Jatta, Pirkko and Johanna from the Association; together we worked efficiently and joyously. And everyone was happy with the products that came hot off the press a few days before the event. Happy anniversary!


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