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WINConference in Rome

Inspire the world - with insight, grace and action. This was the slogan of the 3-day WINConference in Rome, where I got to volunteer last week. WIN is the creation of Norwegian entrepreneur Kristin Engvig and has reached its 18th anniversary.

What a wonderful opportunity it was to grow, learn, question, encourage, inspire and be inspired. To listen, exchange, give and receive in return. I met dozens of fabulous women from all over the world and really got to experience what it feels like to be a part of a community of strong, independent and smart women.

One of the most inspring moments of conference for me was when, during the plenary meetings, artist Anna Riccardi illustrated the speakers' messages with incredibly powerful yet simple drawings and text. She was able to truly capture the essence of each person's message and make it come alive on paper. That is what I call art.

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