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Logo for a travel blogger

Whenever I get a briefing for a new logo project I get super-excited. As soon as the client responds to my questionaire and gives me enough back-ground information to work on, I immediately start drafting and sketching.

I created the logo you see above for a Finnish travel blogger and my former colleague at the Finnish school of Rome (Rooman Suomi-koulu). Heli still teaches at the Finnish school, is a PhD and a linguistic researcher and writes a fun and informational travel blog on Italy and its treasures.

She had a pretty clear vision of what she wanted for the logo: herself sitting on top of the Coliseum, sipping some wine. No pink. No other restrictions.

So I started sketching and drew a few proposals according to her wishes and a couple of other ideas that I had had as well. In the end she chose this version and with very few minor changes we finetuned it to represent her blog. The green color comes from the name of the blog Nàkymià vihreàltà kukkulalta (sights from a green hill). The red unites it to the Italian flags' colors.

A fun project with great results!

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