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Hello October

October is here. Even though in Rome we are still enjoying the sun and warm weather, I bet some of you sigh with heaviness and think spring is a zillion light years away. It starts getting dark earlier, you need to wear a jacket in the morning, birds migrate to South, and nature slowly goes to hibernation.

I, instead, am a fall and winter person, and quite embrace the arrival of autumn. I love to light the fireplace and some candles, snuggle under a blanket to read my favorite book and enjoy a cup of warm tea. I love the fact my family and friends are back from holidays and it is so much easier to get together and have everyone around you. I also find it is easier to repair yourself from the cold (by wearing thicker clothes) than from the heat (how do you do it - plunge in the pool for 3 months?).

What about you, are you a winter or as summer person? Why?

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