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The beauty of inventing new words!

Since about a week I have been participating on a course called Experiments in Beautiful Thinking Workshop. Our first assignment was to list words we use for beauty, words we currently use, adjacent words, words not in our main language and words we have invented. The last category is definitely the hardest as it is not in our - at least not my - usual, every-day routine to invent new words. But the beauty of taking any course of participting in a workshop is exactly this: growing, getting out of our comfort-zones and learning to do NEW things.

So I've been twisting and squeezing my brain since days now and finally today I came up with a new word: CREATIOUS. To me it is a combination of creative and gracious/harmonious/delicious. I love it and registered a domain with the name to use it later, when I have more time. I've displayed it above to give an idea of how I see it in my head: colorful, tasty, fun, creative.

Thank you, Rita, for guiding and challenging me.

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