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How could you not love...

...the month of November? Full of that crisp, clean air and the sparkling autumn colors? Evening spent near the fireplace, sipping a warm cup of tea, watching the shadows dance in the ceiling? The fresh, delicious tastes of olives, oil, apples, pumpkins and pomgranates? There is so much to embrace and be grateful for during this season of harvest.

When you let go of the negative and tune into the positive, you can see how glorious nature is, and how every day we can find something to be thankful for. Keeping a thankfulness jar is a great tradition and it teaches us to dwell in the uplifting moments, events, memories.

As part of my Beautiful Thinking -course I came up with a new few words that have to do with autumn as well, one is AUTUMNFULL and it could be a mix between autumn and beautiful as that is what autumn is to me.

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