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Who's with me for the Roma Fun Run?

Did you know that Finland is celebrating its 100th independence anniversary this year? There are all sorts of campaigns, events and celebrations going on throughout the year, and we Finns are making anniversary celebrations even of events that have nothing to do with Finland. Like the Roma Fun Run. It is a non-competitive 4,5 km run for amateurs that want to participate at the Rome Marathon, but not run the whole trip.

Maikku Kaislasuo, a tireless Finnish event organizer from Fermo, is putting together a team of Finns to do the run together. Merja Kouki, a Finnish ceramics artist from Naples, drew an illustration of the Finnish flag and the national symbol, the lion and I have turned it into a vector file so that we can print T-shirts for the runners. You can see Merja's original drawing above and my vector file below.

I am participating in the run, who's with me?!

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