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Power of positive thinking

The power of positive thinking is enormous. We can enjoy a moment, a day, a memory by turning it into a positive one or ruin it forever by thinking negatively. Even when it is raining, we can rejoice over the fact that nature is getting water, an indispensable resource for its well-being. And that we get to snuggle under a plaid and read a good book.

And even when we have to get out there, we can turn it into a positive experience. On April 2nd I ran the Rome Fun Run with my 10-year-old son, Matteo. It was pouring and thundering, our shoes and clothes got soaking wet. Yet we had a great time, it was actually more pleasant to run in the rain than not in the burning sunshine, as Matteo wisely put it. When we crossed the finish line we felt super-accomplished, not only the excellent time we had, but also for facing the bad weather with such grace.

Next time you feel like grunting over a negative aspect, think of how you can turn it into a positive resource that will give you energy and strength to go on.

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