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May celebrations

May is all about celebrations for our family as both our boys were born in this lovely spring month. Since I am born in November and as I child I only had indoor parties while our garden was covered with snow, I decided that my children would enjoy nice, sunny garden parties for the birthdays. So they were both born in the perfect spring month (Alessio on May 11th, Matteo on May 18th), according to my precise calculations and planning, as only a Finn can do.

My plans carried out perfectly for the first seven years of Matteo's life and 5 of Alessio's. But then, the climate change put it's slimy fingers in play and for the past 3 years we've actually had to rent a hall for the party as the weather has been unpredictable, rainy and cold. But this does not stop us from having fun, bright and delightful parties with dazzling cakes and friends and family.

And then there is mother's day on the second Sunday, my brother's birthday on the 7th, my mother-in-law's birthday on the 24th and several other family members and friends that share this beautiful spring month with my boys. So here's to happy, joyful celebrations, with sun or without it!

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