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Give me... water to swim in!

Summer has never been one of my favorite seasons, I love spring and fall for the drastic change they bring about in nature and I don't mind cold winters either, curled up by the fireplace to read a good book. What I do love about summer, though, is being able to swim in the lake. Lake, mind you, and not the ocean, since having been brought up by lakes I am used to the light, silky and waveless waters where you can actually swim around an island and get some exercise. The sea and the ocean are way too roudy to actually swim well and I don't like the salty taste of the water, either.

The most beautiful moments are at twilight, when the lake is so calm you can see the bottom and it is peacful and quiet around the summer cottage area. Dip into the cool lake, naked, and feel the water accompany your every movement is magical. I really feel in harmony with nature and could remain in the water for hours, listening to the birds sing, fish jump up on the surface and the wind brush softly through the forest. I am thrilled June has arrived and will bring with it the month of July, when I get to enjoy my home lake in Finland for an entire month. That is where you will find me, every evening, slipping through the calm waters of watery home.

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