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Latest publications hot off the press

I've been a busy bee with lost of publications lately. Check out the October issue of The People We Are online on Issuu. It is an extensive package that talks about women's rights and privileges and the achievements reached so far. The cover girl this month is PWA Secretary Maria Grazia Panessa and you can read her story on pages 8 and 9.

Also, Raccontami tu by Maristella Lippolis is out and available in the bookstores exactly today. You can order and buy it in any bookstore in Italy or from the L'Iguana editrice website. It is an intriguing story of three women, all escaping from different situations. Their destinies are intertwined in the most peculiar way and they end of trusting each other and finding comfort in a new, strong friendship that can only be born between women with similar experiences and dreams.

Naturally, we are working on the next Iguana already, so stay tuned!

And last but not least, don't forget you can buy the marvellous children's book, Josh and the Magic Hat, on Amazon. It is a great idea for a Christmas gift as it tells a story of a school bully who learns to be good through experiencing empathy and the great feeling it gives.

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