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Latest Iguana out in the end of November

The latest book for the narrative series alà L'Iguana editrice by Marilia Mazzeo will be out in the end of November. Non troverai altro luogo is the story of Elena, retired violinist who is looking for her missing adult son, traveling all of North Italy, following the leads based on current money withdrawals, a few random text messages and former acquaintances and habits of her son. During her encounters, she listens to several stories of disappointed, disillusioned millennials who have lost their faith in the labor market and in life in general. The generational gap seems too wide to close and Elena finds it difficult to put herself in the shoes of these youngsters, let alone understand the reasoning of her own two children.

The dialogues of Marilia Mazzeo are vivid and real and the intriguing story raptures your attention and makes you want to know how it all ends. Will she find Carlo?

It was a true pleasure to draw the cover image - based on Edward Hopper's painting - and to lay out this book as all the Iguanas I've done so far.

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